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Las Lomas HS Girls Volleyball – Parent Volunteers


Team Parent(s) (1 or 2 for each team) –

Primary team contact and parent liaison to team coaching staff.

Provides weekly (or as needed) communication to update/remind parents/players of news and upcoming events.

Oversees/coordinates all other team volunteers.

Coordinates ribbons (if applicable).

Refers to shared Google docs and/or online communication system like TeamSnap.

Communicates tournament & league match results


Carpool Coordinator (1 for each team) –  TENTATIVE per COVID Restrictions

Hand out/collect field trip liability form at program meeting night.

Coordinates carpool assignments.

Players ride with parent volunteer drivers from school to all away weekday matches.

Verifies parents drivers are cleared through the system.

Signs-up parent drivers for each event (Sign-up Genius) and assigns players to specific cars for transport.

Trouble-shoots problems that arise with transportation.


End-of-Year Banquet Coordinator (1 for each team) –

Coordinate with the other 2 teams to obtain a venue, set a menu, arrange A/V equipment (as needed), collect funds, etc.  Coaches will provide additional details regarding timing, etc.  Date s/b near/after the NorCal championships, which in 2021 is November 16th. 


Match-Night Food Coordinator (1 for each team) –

Provides scheduling for game day water and food.

Coordinates sign-ups for tournament food tables

Troubleshoots any issues with food distribution


Dig Pink Night Coordinator (1 for each team, led by Varsity Volunteer) –

Dig Pink Night will be established by varsity Dig Pink Night coordinator and Coach Ben.

Coordinate sales table and items for night of the match

Obtain and return cash box and turn in proceeds from the night.  Coordinators can select the appropriate charity for these funds to be distributed.


Photo Day Coordinator (1 for each team) –

Photo day will be established by varsity photo day coordinator and Coach Ben.

Contact YARY Photography 707-554-8015 to schedule

Distribute order forms for pictures.

Assist with players on photo day.

Distribute photo packages to players/parents.


Videographer(s) –
Capture all matches and post videos to secure, shared site (YouTube, Shutterfly, program website, etc.).  Having 2 or more is best so that you don’t have to be at EVERY match.

Bronco Roast Coordinator (2) –

We will have a team dinner after practice the night before both matches vs. Northgate HS.  The Coordinators are to find a family to host and do food sign-up, supervise set-up and clean-up (the girls are great at these two roles) and handle any last-minute issues.  It is NOT expected that the Coordinators are the hosts

Entry Gate Coordinator (1 for each team) –

Work with Coach Ben and Mr. Kruger to set up GoFan QR Codes prior to each League Home match.  Send the details to coach Ben each week which will be forwarded to the opposing coaches.  Post the appropriate QR codes outside of the gym and assist spectators in getting tickets on the spot.  Coordinate the staffing at Home matches to ensure all spectators have paid.

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